Monday Night Rockin’ at the Atlanta Omni Hotel

The Airtran Airway flight from SFO into Atlanta was bumpy but pleasant. I arrived thanks to a Taxi driver with a vision that McCain would become the next U.S. president because people trust him. I didn’t argue, but I did squeeze in my take that we have a great opportunity to empower younger leaders. My take was well taken and supported when I walked into the Omni Hotel at 10:30 p.m. tonight. It was ROCKIN’!

Remember the times when there was no way you could sleep, excited and feeding off the energy of meeting new people…anticipating what will happen in the coming days? The air was thick with international competition.

Young people in mini communities were bustling all around the lobby. The roar was coming from all corners, including a high school piano wizard with dancing finders, working out a smooth classic tune. Chopin? The registration desk many young students ticked the ivories and never once did she hear “Twinkle-twinkle little star.”

Up the glass elevator to the 14th floor is where I found another circle of friends lounging on the carpet, across from the open atrium overlooking the CNN Center globe.

After a long day of getting situated and setting up their science projects for ISEF, they were wide awake play cards!

There’s much more to come. Tuesday there’ll be some shoptalks and the Excellence in Science and Technology Panel, followed by the big City of Atlanta’s welcome event.

All you ISEF rock stars can stay up all night long….I’m callin’ it a night…overlooking downtown Atlanta.