Intel ISEF 2008 Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.  

ISEF08 Winners

Sana Raoof, Yi-Han Su, and Natalie Saranga Omattage, three brilliant young women from the US and China, were named top winner’s earlier today.  What did Intel’s Chairman Craig Barrett have to say about the competition and the winners?  In my words, this competition is inspiring and the bright young minds we meets each year are truely amazing…they are tomorrow’s innovators and it’s inspiring to meet them today and encourage them along the way.  In Craig’s exact words…

“To see young students from around the world develop innovative solutions to problems confronting society shows the true power of this international science fair. Sana, Natalie and Yi-Han demonstrate that dedication to science inquiry can transcend boundaries and show what we can accomplish when we focus on education and science.”
 – Intel’s Chairman Craig Barrett

So what did these bright young scientists work on?
Natalie Saranga Omattage of Cleveland MS, USA for the development of a more efficient and less expensive way to screen for potentially harmful food additive contaminants. 

Sana Raoof of Muttontown NY, USA for new insights that provide a better understanding of mathematical knot theory and how it can help resolve classic biochemical problems, such as classify molecules on a structural basis.

Yi-Han Su of Taipai, China for identifying a high-activity catalyst that could improve methanol reforming reactions in order to generate hydrogen more efficiently. 

But these three young scientist weren’t the only students to take home honors and big scholarships. More than 500 other participants received scholarships and prizes for their groundbreaking work including 18 “Best of Category” winners. Read about all the winners here