Interviews with the winners

Ken posted two awesome videos on Channel Intel before he set off on a much deserved vacation after all his hard work on this year’s competition. My first thought after taking a look at these videos was “wow, my wasted youth.” Even the titles of these projects are impressive (and on par with a few master thesis titles i’ve seen)! My second thought was although these students are unarguable way smarter then me they totally explain their concepts and research in a way that I can follow (okay, minus some of the words that i had to wikipedia).

Check out Sana Raoff explaining her project and making knot theory, well, not seem so tangled and totally applicable to biochemistry.

Natalie Saranga Omattage talks about her project and how her new detection methods for discovering food additive contaimenets. Warning this is pretty heavy chemistry and it’s going to rock your brain! You are going to feel so much smarter just by listening to this upcoming scientist. And best of all the application is really straight forward – making sure foods that leave distribution centers for our consumption are safe for us, our families, and our pets.

Hope you enjoy!
Beth Lubov Butrymowicz