Links for Intel Science and Engineering Fair 2008

The Intel Science and Engineering Fair was thrilling.  The eagerness of every student to share what it was they were exploring through science.  The rush of judgment day.   The roar of the crown with winners were announced.

Before, during and after the event we continue to see people making new connections…new friends and new appreciation for achievements we saw at ISEF 2008.

We have been sharing our experience through blogs, videos, audio stories, and so have many others who are interested in science and education.  Here is a collection of links related to ISEF 2008:

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Congratulations to  all the students, parents, teachers and people who took notice of all of the great ideas, wisdom and potential that rose from ISEF 2008.

Now, for many…the road to ISEF 2009 lead through the Intel Science Talent Search.  Good luck!

If you’re inspired by education, consider video recording your story and sharing it with others on the Intel Inspire site.


Cleaning Air Above City Streets Could Help Children

Krisi Dode and Jona Basha arrived early in Atlanta from Albania. They’re a great team.

They kindly described research and a plan for decreasing air pollution that accumulates just above ground. This could improve air quality for children.

This was recorded just minutes before official judging began at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2008.

Fun to imagine downtown Burlingame Avenue in the Bay Area tricked out with streets made of recycled materials supported by a air cushion pump system keeping the place clean.

Our Future in Their Hands

Being here at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and meeting many of the young scientists deepens my belief that this new generation is standing on the shoulders of giants…and they’ll do fine.

Breakthroughs like the transistor and the discovery of DNA will move behind new discoveries that we’ll need for future generations to come.

Here are some photos from the first set up days.