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The Intel Science and Engineering Fair was thrilling.  The eagerness of every student to share what it was they were exploring through science.  The rush of judgment day.   The roar of the crown with winners were announced.

Before, during and after the event we continue to see people making new connections…new friends and new appreciation for achievements we saw at ISEF 2008.

We have been sharing our experience through blogs, videos, audio stories, and so have many others who are interested in science and education.  Here is a collection of links related to ISEF 2008:

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Congratulations to  all the students, parents, teachers and people who took notice of all of the great ideas, wisdom and potential that rose from ISEF 2008.

Now, for many…the road to ISEF 2009 lead through the Intel Science Talent Search.  Good luck!

If you’re inspired by education, consider video recording your story and sharing it with others on the Intel Inspire site.


Inspired by Education

This week at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta, Intel Chairman Dr. Craig Barrett was doing what he loves:  meeting students and teachers inspired by education.  And from what I see, this passion drives him to travel the world stoking involvement, improvement and spread of higher education.

At ISEF, Dr. Barrett got into even more during this video interview:

On the final days of Intel ISEF, we’ll be asking high school science students, teachers and visitors what inspired them during their education?  Who brought out that thing inside that helped them take the path best suited for their inner talents/affinities.

Educators point to and pull out knowledge inside their pupils.  Pupils pour out bits and pieces that together  through time propel them to grow and keep reaching new heights, improving their potential on a chase of never ending connections to what’s next…and then…what’s next.

For me, a combination of things together inspired me and are still influencing me.

  • My father showed me that devotion to hard work is only good if you’re helping others and making relationships along the way
  • My college poetry teacher unwrapped the brilliance of word association, especially when words move with emotion and visual clarity like an open hand reaching to shake a new friend’s hand for the first time
  • My philosophy professor of Phenomenology, who ran us through Martin Heidegger’s book Being and Time,  somehow knowing each and everyone one of us in class would pick up only pieces of meaning but together we’d come to understand more than anything he could say or write on the chalkboard

If you have a video camera or laptop with a Webcam, record your 60-second Inspired by Education story then share it on the Intel Inspire site.  See how inspired Omar Miller to become an actor rather than a basketball player.