Young Scientists Flip Video Record Road to Intel ISEF08

My Intel pal Gail Dundas came up with the idea of getting The Flip video camera into the hands of some contestants so they could record their Road to Intel ISEF.  We’ve all fallen in love with the nifty, simple to use digital video camera that you can easily carry anywhere.

Here’s footage shot by Mathew McCarney and Adam Magill of Ireland:

Tobias Noerbo is from Denmark and he shows his fascinating mechanical engineering skills.

These are almost like digital video resumes for these contestants.  They’re also a cool addition to our story sharing efforts, as it’s told in their words, their way.


AUDIO: Math and Biology Together Tackle Knots at Intel ISEF

Listen to this and see if it opens your mind to math and biology, or ties your brain in knots.

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