Science Videos and Stories from Bloggers at ISEF 2008

Here is a collection of great blog posts from the event this week:

Jozef Winter of EcoGeek share project profiles:

“Brazilians turn Batteries into Pigments!”

“Florida Teen Measures Pollution with Glowing Bacteria”

“High Schoolers Reduce 2-Stroke Emissions by 40%!”

Ken Denmead of GeekDad posts four profiles

“Intel ISEF2008: Bionic Arm”

“Intel ISEF2008: Newural Net Data Glove”

“Intel ISEF2008: Tansparent Encryption”

“Intel ISEF 2008: Personal Automated Fermenter/Distiller”

“Intel Science Fair Brings Smart Kids Together From All Over”

Science Woman on the awards ceremony, more to come

ISEF 2008: Special awards and scenes from around the fair”


2 Responses

  1. the project by eric hodnefield was unable to be viewed. is it possible to contact the inventors?
    please let me know

  2. Darrin, What link were you having trouble with?

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